Helmsman can help maximise your Training Budget

The CITB Grant Scheme changes – can you be sure that you will maximise your training budget?

CITB have completely changed their Grants Scheme but whilst it has been marketed as a simplification of previous processes (mainly because of bringing in direct payments) and that training will be to a common standard across the industry, it has quite a few disadvantages for companies. Some of these are:-

  • Reduced rates of Grant
  • Grants only on courses that have Standards issued by CITB
  • Grants payable only when courses are delivered by an Approved Training Organisation
  • Some courses won’t be economical just to obtain the Grant

Many small training providers will be unlikely to want to go through the massive bureaucratic hoops (and £750 fee) to become an ATO and you, and they, may not want to comply with the inflexible Course Standards set by CITB.

If you do use an ATO, we are seeing higher charges due to the added paperwork and minimum times for courses that have Standards.

So, you will be left with a simple choice – to use your trusted trainers who may not be an ATO and ignore the Grant, or to use an ATO at a higher cost and obtain Grant. To be able to make these economic choices, you will need to gain an in-depth knowledge as to what is on offer – and this takes up valuable time.

  • How will you have the time to work out all of these permutations?
  • Will whoever deals with training, know the real effects of the new Scheme?
  • Will you know whether or not you will have to pay out more for your training?
  • How can you ensure that you are getting value-for-money from your training budget?

That’s where we come in! We are offering Clients various levels of service by way of an annual contract and these are set out in the table below.

We have been dealing with training for construction companies for nearly 20 years and run two of the most successful CITB-supported Construction Training groups – so we really do know what we are doing and will guarantee that we will maximise your training budget.