e-Learning for Industry - Helmsman Services

Helmsman Services has a suite of health and safety related subjects –

We believe that we offer a far more comprehensive suite of titles than any other comparative provider.

Many organisations need people to have training in subjects such as Fire Marshal or Manual Handling which are often hard to source as public courses and can be costly (and time-consuming) bringing in a trainer.

Whatever your sector, e-Learning can play a part in your staff training and development. And where on-line learning has a massive benefit is that you will be able to see what level of knowledge a person has, whereas when they are in a classroom there is often no way of knowing if they have learnt anything!

  • Most organisations provide Induction Training and e-learning can assist in the health and safety (and some HR) aspects of this – or we can structure an e-Learning course covering the whole process.
  • Our courses can be customised so that they appear to be in-company, rather than generic and we can build up courses for you that are totally relevant to your organisation.
  • 30-40 minutes (which do not have to be undertaken all at one time) makes a huge difference when comparing lost productivity against a half or a full day classroom course.

See opposite for our full range of health and safety e-learning subjects and go to the Previews page to see costs and previews of our courses.

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