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Asbestos Awareness Online Training 


  • Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, anyone who is working on, or in, any building that was built prior to 1999 and who may be exposed to asbestos, MUST have had a basic Asbestos Awareness Training course, otherwise their employer faces prosecution. This also applies to self-employed persons.
  • Although not obligatory, UKATA is the industry standard of accreditation for these courses and it is often false economy to purchase a non-accredited course because all UK Major Contractors, national house-builders, large clients and many others will specify UKATA Approved training.
  • Our UKATA Asbestos course will take around three hours (required by UKATA) and consists of text with voice over and videos, interspersed with questions and a 15 question test at the end of which 11 must be answered correctly, although up to 3 attempts are allowed on each one.
  • We also offer a non-accredited course that can be used as training that is acceptable for the regulations and this can also be used as a refresher – which HSE require.
  • e-Learning is flexible in that it can be worked through in one session or in small ‘bite-sized’ pieces to suit the time available, it is automated from registration through to printing certificates and it saves a vast amount of site down-time.
  • The content of the Asbestos Awareness Training course covers everything required by the Regulations including:-
    • Legislation, CAR 2012, ACOPS, HSG;
    • The history of asbestos, including ACMs, the types and risks;
    • The health effects of exposure;
    • Emergency procedures to deal with accidental exposure;
  • The Asbestos awareness course is suitable for even those with little computer skills, as long as there is an internet connection with a reasonable speed, just about anyone can complete it.
  • Costs depend upon the number of sessions purchased but work out far cheaper than having people sitting for half a day in a classroom – ask us for a quote.
  • For CITB registered companies, there are also Training Grants available for e-learning – ask us about how to access them.
  • If you wish to order sessions, or would like more information on our Asbestos Awareness e-learning course, please complete the Enquiry Form opposite.
The Online Training Solution

Taking people off their jobs and putting them into a classroom to undertake a 3 hour Asbestos Awareness course, is not always an economic solution. The difference in cost between a trainer and e-learning can be vast and as everyone is busy, the half day down-time not only has a financial impact but also a production one.

e-Learning provides an economic, non-disruptive solution to the training. 40 minutes on a computer with an internet connection (and this does not have to be undertaken in one session) will give a person the knowledge that the Regulations require and a certificate.

Whilst a non-UKATA course can be provided, we suggest that the Approved Asbestos course should be undertaken as there is little difference in price and that qualification will be accepted everywhere – where as a non-approved course might not.

For a quote on our Asbestos Awareness e-Learning please call 01206 363 710