16th birthday - Helmsman]


A brief overview of where it all began: 

Helmsman Services was formed by the directors, Tony and Lindsey Willson whose backgrounds were as Personal Development and IT trainers. In 1997, when working with a national house-builder as their Investors in People Adviser, a need arose to outsource their training function so a training management company was sought to deal with all aspects of training administration. When one could not be found (or at least at a reasonable price) Lindsey took on the contract. The business grew and initially clients were from the construction industry mainly due to the complex nature of maximising claiming construction training grants – about which Helmsman have in-depth experience and knowledge. In more recent years clients have been added from the care sector, Local Authorities and a management training organisation.When in 2005, an opportunity to actually deliver health and safety training arose, Helmsman safety services was formed and this then led to offering a professional advisory service and to the provision of annual contracts to manage health and safety. In 2013, the rise of e-learning within the care and financial sectors did not seem to be mirrored by construction and so Helmsman started to offer a suite of health and safety on-line courses which, since then have been extended to all sectors.

“We are incredibly proud of everything we have achieved at Helmsman Services in the last 16 years and we are very excited to grow things even more in the next 16.”