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Annual Contract Packages

An annual health and safety support contract packages give you peace of mind that all your health and safety needs are met to the highest standards, taking away your worries and ensuring a safer working environment for you and your staff. As experienced health and safety support contractors, Helmsman Services prides itself on providing agreements that are far more flexible, value-for-money and personal than any other national supplier.

We do not tie you into expensive long term contracts as we believe that, at the end of the year, if you don’t feel that we have added value to your business, you are entitled to terminate the support arrangement.

Also, we do not have a one-size-fits-all offering whereby we give you a large file and tell you to follow it, but if you need help, you speak with a faceless call centre!

Our health and safety cover

Our health and safety support services are tailored to your requirements and as well as offering a Help Line, an annual review of your documentation and frequent updates and news, there are various levels of support available, from which you can choose what is right for you. Our support levels offer a number of activities that can be used for all manner of health and safety purposes, including drafting documents, training, inspections and assessments or accreditation applications – whatever suits you best.

As experienced health and safety contractors, we can work with organisations of any size and in any sector. However, our support contracts are especially designed to support small to medium sized businesses who have no internal resource themselves yet do not want to employ someone to deal with health and safety matters in-house. We become your Designated Health & Safety Advisers and are there to support you.

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health and safety support packages for your business

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