health and safety advice


Your organisation needs to take reasonable preventive steps to ensure the Health and Safety of workers.

The health and safety law in general applies to all business. Its provisions which are enlisted are very simple. The laws provide that the employer shall be liable for the health and safety of the employees in the firm/organisation failing which the employer shall be liable to penalty. It also provides that the employers, employees and the public shall be protected from danger at work place.

Helmsman’s Health and Safety Advice Service can:

  • Draft documents such as your Policy and Procedures, Risk or COSHH Assessments
  • Carry out audits of existing documentation, procedures or fire safety arrangements
  • Complete a statutory Fire Risk Assessments of your business premises
  • Complete DSE/Ergonomic Assessments for your office based employees
  • Send applications for approval of your health and safety systems with CHAS, Exor or other bodies
  • Prepare Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work
  • Inspect premises to establish health and safety hazards
  • Assist with accident investigations
  • Provide all aspects of health and safety training, in-house or via e-learning
  • Offer general health and safety advice


Noble preparation in protection of health is decent for one’s business organisations or firm. The authority at one’s business firm must handle the health and safety regulations. The regulations are mostly applied at wholesale, retail, consumer services etc.  The aim of Helmsman’s Health and Safety advice is to protect any organisation by following the Health and Safety regulations.

health and safety first

Save your firm or organisation from getting penalized or prosecuted by the employee by applying the Health and Safety regulations and following the guidelines.