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Winter is on the Way!

Employees out and about in icy conditions? The Supreme Court recently held a company liable for injuries occurring to an employee who slipped on ice on a pathway and broke their wrist.  This case was one where the injured person worked for a domestic care company and...

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Government’s Apprentice Levy Scheme

Over a year ago, the Government made a commitment to radically overhaul the Apprenticeship offering and to create 3 million new Apprenticeships by 2020. It hasn’t actually said how it is going to do this but some detail has been forthcoming.Companies with a payroll of...

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An unwanted goodbye to Dame Judith

I’ll miss HSE’s Chair, Dame Judith Hackett, who has left after 8½ years during which time, in my opinion, she has successfully made an impression on the health and safety industry and the general public.  Her attitude that health and safety should not be just a paper...

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Health & Safety Advice for Businesses

  Your organisation needs to take reasonable preventive steps to ensure the Health and Safety of workers. The health and safety law in general applies to all business. Its provisions which are enlisted are very simple. The laws provide that the employer shall be...

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