It’s almost the end of May and we are now having to deal with the summer heat whilst at work! We can’t control the weather but we can control how it affects our work life with the handy tips below:

Before Work:

  • Take a cool shower before work, the cool water will lower your blood temperature and get you off to a good start in the day.
  • Obvious one, wear lightweight and light coloured clothing. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen help the skin to breathe, whilst synthetic fabrics trap heat.

At Work:

  • Keep the windows open, where possible and the blinds down. Or put the air con on!
  • Don’t fan yourself. At least, don’t fan yourself with your hands. Although this will create a rush of air and make you feel temporarily cooler, the vigorous action uses a lot of energy and will raise your body temperature in the long run.
  • Avoid tea and coffee, the caffeine increases your metabolic heat levels.  Water is the best source of hydration and iced water will obviously cool you down.
  • Run your wrists under a cold tap for a few seconds every couple of hours, or use a cooling aloe vera lotion on your hands, the coolness will lower your blood temperature as it runs through your blood vessles.
  • Eat spicy foods, the chilli will stimulate the heat receptors in your mouth and cause you to sweat – cooling your body down.
  • Staying cool at work can depend entirely on your work environment.  If you have to wear massive amounts of PPE for work in a work shop, there’s not much help for you, except to take regular breaks and see where reasonably praticable you can reduce your PPE.

Have a safe summer!


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