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Training Management for the Construction Industry

Since 1997 we have successfully been organising and managing training for our construction industry Clients. We currently run the CITB financed Essex and London Region Construction Training Groups as well as working with a range of different contracting and housebuilding Clients.

In our experience many construction companies, especially small to medium sized ones, are not as efficient as they should be in organising and buying in training and then claiming their full entitlement to CITB Training Grants. By outsourcing your construction training management to Helmsman you will be partnering with experts in the field, saving yourself a good deal of money and stress and enhancing your bottom line.

Making grant applications is a very complex area and many thousands of pounds are lost by companies that don’t know the subtleties of the system. Using a Training Plan is the way to maximise these Grants and we take care all of the bureaucracy associated with doing this.

As an example of our expertise in this area, we claimed over £15,000 for a medium sized house-builder who had made no claims in the previous year.

These extra grants often cover our costs, so you not only save time on administration and management costs normally associated with training – you can also make money!

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Helmsman can :-

  • Help you identify your training requirements
  • Prepare an annual Training Plan
  • Submit the plan to CITB
  • Organise the delivery of training in the most economic ways possible
  • Take on all of the administrative tasks
  • Provide accurate information for tenders, accreditations etc
  • Reconcile the Training Plan at 4 and 8 months and year end
  • Deal with the CITB audit and agree monies due
  • Prepare reports and attend management meetings as required