Helmsman can help maximise your Training Budget

The CITB Grant Scheme changes – can you be sure that you will maximise your training budget?

The new CITB Grant Scheme, introduced earlier this year is an online system that will track and pay short course grant claims. ‘Short Courses’ are mainly half and one day ones, although on certain subjects they can extend up to 4 days. There is also a separate Construction Training Register where your employees’ achievements will be recorded.

CITB (often in conjunction with industry representatives) are developing a vast library of subjects for which they are publishing Training Standards, a good number of which have been announced and for which Grant will be payable. Prior to the publication of a subject, companies can claim Grant for training where the training delivered, matches the title of the particular Standard.

However, once a Standard has been published, Grant will only be available for training delivered by Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) where the course aligns to that Standard. In this case, the ATO will submit the course details to CITB and claim the Grant for you.

We can help you navigate the changes and the new Scheme, as it develops.

We are offering Clients various levels of service by way of an annual contract and these are set out in the table below.

We have been dealing with training for construction companies for nearly 20 years and run two of the most successful CITB-supported Construction Training