Our comprehensive course list of e-learning titles is going to be supplemented by some exciting personal/management development titles.

In all sectors of business and industry, Conflict Resolution is so important these days, as pressure of work often tends to cause people to react in ways that they wouldn’t do, outside of work. Defusing any conflict is a major skill and not just for managers but for work colleagues as well.

Customer Service is something that can mean the difference between a customer returning, or finding another supplier and it is amazing how little training many people are given in such an important subject.

Fraud Awareness is one for Directors and Managers and will raise awareness of the signs and types of fraud that could be occurring and how to avoid them.

Modern Slavery is a course that has been introduced due to so many large companies having to check their supply chain to ensure that they have practices that prevent this and also that there people have had training on the subject.

Time Management – what can we say?! Just about everyone needs to have some tools to make the most of their time in order to maximise efficiency and this on-line course will help with it.

Let us know if you are interested in any of these and we can ensure that you are made aware as soon as they are released.