Training Management for the Care sector

Due to the nature of the industry, people working in care are dealing with the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people and must also considerer their own safety but they must be competent to do so.

The amount of training that has to be undertaken by the care industry in order to comply with the requirements of CQC, OFSTED or Local Authorities can be problematic for many organisations. Carefully considered and well managed training is vital.

The task of organising training for the care sector will often fall to care home owners or managers, or people within larger companies who have a number of other responsibilities and may not have the capacity to make the most of the role. This often results in excessive training costs.

Helmsman’s outsourced training management services are unlike many other companies’ offering this function, as we do not deliver the training. Our service is totally vendor neutral so we don’t lock you into having ‘our’ training as part of the package and this has proven to be a major cost advantage for our Clients.

The benefits of using Helmsman’s outsourced training management services include:

  • Assured quality of training: selecting the providers of care courses requires a great deal of attention and ensuring the quality of delivery is an on-going task.
  • Value for money: the high quality of the training courses should not equate to astronomically high course fees so we negotiate hard because we are fully aware of the market.
  • Planning of training requirements: last minute training often costs more as good trainers are busy and the costs can escalate due to the short notice. Having a pro-active plan of what training will be undertaken will maximise your training budget but we at Helmsman recognises that this is often impossible to predict and so we frequently work on the basis of reacting to requests as they arise.
  • Knowledge: we have been managing training for organisations since 1997 and so we have a range of quality training providers who deliver at rates that you would not be able to achieve. We also have arrangements with many national providers that attract discounts – which are passed on to you.
  • Reduction in costs: training is often dealt with as an add-on to someone’s ‘real’ job and often the administrative tasks are being handled by someone being paid far in excess of the salary for that role!. We can free up valuable time for your people to concentrate on their core functions.
  • Evidence: our software tracks and records all training so that it is readily available for any type of inspection – something that many care organisations find time-consuming because they do not have a dedicated system for it

Our service is flexible, personal, professional and cost-effective.

training management within the care sector

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