Last month a timber firm was fined £730,000 and ordered to pay costs of £ £13,844.87 after an accident in their yard when a vehicle struck two people who were walking across it. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive into the incident found that the company did not have effective precautions in place for vehicles and pedestrians to move around safely.

By law, pedestrians, cyclists and/or vehicles must be able to use a traffic route without causing danger to the health or safety of people using or working near it and traffic routes must also keep vehicle routes far enough away from doors or gates that pedestrians use, or from pedestrian routes that lead on to them, so the safety of pedestrians is not threatened.

If you have any form of yard or car park where vehicles are moving and pedestrians are present, and wherever it is reasonable to do so, you should provide separate routes for pedestrians to keep them away from vehicles. If you consider that your premises may not be complying with this legislation, please contact us and we can arrange for an expert to come and give you advice that will protect your people – and your bank balance!